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KAT-TUN Live 2018 UNION (Part 1)

It's been one week since I was able to witness the return of KAT-TUN. I've been living in this bubble of happiness ever since. It's been a fantastic long weekend, with 3 amazing concerts and wonderful time with great friends. 

A tour and possibly a new album are coming soon and Union 2018 will be released on DVD too (yeah!!!). Still, I feel like writing down what I remember from the shows, before it fades.

Following, my very long, very confused and all-over-the-place report of the tour. It's packed of details and pictures from the three performances. I'm not sure I'm remembering everything correctly, I wasn't taking notes during the concerts. ^_^'

If you'd like to watch the upcoming DVD spoiler-free, than don't read what's below the cut. 

I'd love to blame jet-leg for misspelling and grammar mistakes, alas, they are all mine. 


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Finally! It's time! Bless the return of the turtle!


I'm so excited! Kame's drama will start in less than a day. I'm so looking forword to have 10 weekends full of turtle love!
I still have no idea how the drama will unfold, and the fact that I don't really care says a lot on how much I've been missing this guy.
Now, if RL could read the mood and not get in the fandom way, it would also be greatly appreciated.

And yesterday baseball!Kame was so lovely it need a special mention:

Turtle love to everyone!

I'm ready!!

Altough, techically, Kame's next project is 「PとJK」, I'm totally ignoring that little fact and I'm just counting down the days to the first episode of his new drama!

I can't wait for it and the promo craziness with Yamapi! (and i'm so going to make a gif of Yamapi slapping kame's butt in the new drama cm...as soon as I get hold of the clip).

At the moment I have some reservations about the drama, plotwise. There aren't information on how the plot is going to actually develop... what do the main characters do all the time? What hurdles block their path to love? I expect silliness just hopefully not many stereotypes.

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Hello, Captain!

Yes, it's weird... why is Captain Kirk of the Enterprise gracing one of my lj entries instead of the turtle?
well, long story short, this is basically how two overtime working, japanese studying and generally stressed people coped with all the crazy while KAT-TUN are recharging and Kame is on an extended holiday.

The long story is under the cut, if you feel like reading. Or you can simply enjoy the eyecandies. *g*

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