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Battle of the celestials: the Turtle vs Dragon showdown

Welcome to the Arena!
I started in on Twitter on a whim: comparing Zhu Yilong's pictures to Kame's. Then crism79 and I were sending us pictures back and forth on Line and I decided this battle needed a proper Arena.
So, we are posting the same post at the same time (no, you're not seeing double!): the content is random and up to each of us. A challenge between us as well, to see who could match how many pics (and I have so many pictures of Kame! *guilty pleasure*).

Feel free to add yours in the comments!

Without further ado, let's call our fighters: Kamenashi Kazuya idol extraordinaire and Zhu Yi Long, the hottest chinese actor of the moment!

[note in case you've been wondering and if you are not familiar with both of them, the Kame in Kamenashi is written with the kanji for "turtle", whereas Long is written with the chinese character for "dragon"]
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And now go check Crism79 awesome post :)

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When KAT-TUN are idle...

When KAT-TUN are idle, the heart wanders... Or, how I got into another obession because KAT-TUN is not completely filling my spare time.

I came to realize this pattern. When KAT-TUN are somewhat there but not fully there, like during the recharging period, I am easily drawn to other little obsessions. 

This time is no little obsession and I wasn't exactly drawn to it but rather sat in front of it and before I knew, I was a goner.

I'm talking about a chinese web drama called Guardian and all that came with it...

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An unexpected Xmas present

To my uttermost surprise, my picture got selected by Nakamaru for the photography club. *__*

It's a picture I took during my lunch break, the first one I submitted for the contest. I admit, I checked regularly Nakamaru's J-web to see if any of my picture got selected, but yesterday, being Christmas and all, I forgot. 

crism79 sent me a Line message to tell me I made it!

It's not that big of a deal, in general, but as a fan, it made me feel connected to KAT-TUN in a way that it's not easily experienced, expecially when you live in a different Continent.

The idea that one of them actually handled something from me, even if it was a picture for a contest, makes me incredibly glad.

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Remembering Follow me —

As I recently posted on Twitter, one year ago I attended Kame's solo tour, on Octber 25th, evening show and October 26th, afternoon show.

I never wrote a concert review. Mostly because the tour was coming to an end and there were many reviews, papa pics, magazine shoots and video clips about it; and because I was really hoping to get a DVD release announcement in the following months.

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KAT-TUN CAST a spell on me (us)

Well, they did it 7 years ago... and the magic is still working!

I'm supposed to do my daily kanji practice, but with the new album being released today, working or studying is useless! Productivity level -100!

I've always loved KAT-TUN for their music and their live performances, so a new album is really something I look forward to and this one more than ever.

I drove around a lot today, blasting KAT-TUN music at max volume. Here are my first thoughts about the album. Typos and grammar mistakes included, no working brain for editing. LOL

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