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Visiting Dragon City :)

November 8th is mine and [personal profile] crism79 Guardianniversary :)
The story of how we came to Guardian has been told in this post.

When we booked our trip to China, I realized that we'd be spending our Guardianniversary in Shanghai. I remembered seeing on Twitter images of the fanmeeting at "Dragon City University" for the drama ending anniversary last July so I thought: "Where is Dragon City University Building in reality? Is it possible to go there during our holidays?".
A few minutes and a google research later, I had my answer: "hell, yeah!".
Not only I could locate the building but I found out that it's in Shanghai and it has an official website!
Plans were made, we were going to spend our Guardianniversary in Dragon City!

Dragon City in real life is a place called Shanghai Film Park, a permanent open-air set that was built and it's still used for filming Dramas set in the Republican Era. It's located in Chedun, in the suburbs of Shanghai.
This is a detailed guide on how to reach the park if you’re visiting Shanghai! :)

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30 Days of Guardian: Day 21

DAY 21

Favorite character moment

Really hard to pick one.
Probably this scene:

On one side, there's Zhao Yunlan, knowing he did something stupid but determined to do everything possible for the good of Dragon City's people. He's feeling a bit apologetic but not that much >_>
On the other side, Shen Wei, who can't watch Zhao Yunlan getting hurt and would do anything to protect him but he's also the Black Cloak Envoy, protector of Dixing (and Haixing) and duty also comes first, hence hitting the ladder to vent his anger about his conflicting emotions.

To me, this is the moment which best sums up their characters and their relationship: duty first but also taking care of each other however they can: Shen Wei takes care of Zhao Yunlan injury and Zhao Yunlan lets him fuss over him because he knows Shen Wei needs to do it.

Now, where are my kleenexes? T_T
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30 Day of Guardian: Day 20

Day 20: If /when do you think Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei get together?

This is probably the most disccussed topic of the show!
I wrote a very long reply to a very interesting meta-post that [personal profile] jo_lasalle wrote a few months ago, discussing exaclty this point.

There are so many moments and little details in the show that leave the viewer with no doubt that their relationship is much more than that of good friends. There's intimacy and understanding each other without words.
Unfortunatly the showrunner couldn't make it more clear and definite, which is a blessing for the many talendted writers who could fill in the blanks (and much more).

After Zhao Yunlan found out about Shen Wei being the Black Cloak Envoy their relationship changed: they are always together and so at ease with each other, it's like something else has being cleared between them beside Shen Wei's double identity.
I think they are a couple after that, with yet too many secrets between them that makes their relationship a bit bumpy (but which isn't).

if the question implies when they did it for the first time, that is even less clear. My take is that Shen Wei, with his integrity and martyr complex, wouldn't be able to take that last step in the relationship while hiding the past - Kunlun's story - to Zhao Yunlan. But that would be to sad because it would mean that they were together "together" only for one night. T_T
This would be acceptable with a happy ending but not that ending. T_T

So, I'm pretty much in favor of Shen Wei's thirst winning over his integrity. Also, it can't be that easy resisting Zhao Yunlan and his lollipops...

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30 Days of Guardian: Day 19

Day 19: Least favorite character

The Regent also tops this ranking!
I really don't like the guy. >_<

Second place goes to the Master of the Merit Brush (whose name eludes me atm): as the Master of the Merit Brush I found him rather unpleasant and I don't really felt much sympathy for him even knowing (or maybe because of knowing) the reason why he decided to side with Ye Zun.
He's probably one of the main reason why I don't really like the merit brush arc. He's too dull as a baddy.

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30 Days of Guardian: Day 18

Day 18: Least favorite villain

I'm not sure he's a Villain, but I vote for the Regent!
He's so sly and irritating, it doesn't matter that every now and again he helps Zhao Yunlan! He mainly does it because he's gaining something from it as well.

Second place goes to the Crow Lady: she was an ok villain, albeit uppity and patronizing, until she sort of switched side and suddenly pretended to be neutral to the Haixing - Dixing -Yashou conflict.  >_>
In her favor, there's the fact that she was somehow the most level-headed villain among the lot...

But still, I don't like her much, whereas I really dislike the Regent. So he gets the title of Least favorite villainn.

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30 Days of Guardian - Day 17

Day 17: Favorite Dixing power and/or power you want to have

Ah, what power would I like to have...
Some Dixingren have powers that are rather inconvinient, like the girl who can't touch people without killing them or fire manipulation which can be a bit too risky.
And I certainly wouldn't want the power to know information of the person who last touched an object.
Teleportation or being able to move very fast could be interesting to have and it opens many opportunities without collateral effects!

As for favourite Dixing power, Shen Wei's!
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30 Days of Guardina: Day 16

Day 16: Favorite conversation between Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei

Oh no! This is extremely hard!
1. my last rewatch was months ago
2. my memory is not that good to recall dialogues anyway
3. all conversations between Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei are meaningful! Even those without words!

Based on the impression they left me with, there are conversions I like because

- they are funny: the skillful hands + tea conversation

- they are really *awwwwww*: the one at Zhao Yunlan's place, the first time they talk to each other without (too many) secrets.

- they are a knife to the heart: the "you are worth it" dialogue and their chat while sitting on the bench.

- many others because they convey so many emotions with just few words and little gestures.

Damn, I miss the show and all it's beautiful tiny details! T_T

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30 Days of Guardian: Day 15

 Day 15: Villain you'd like to redeem or whose redemption you liked

I'm considering the various villains who have an important role in the story. Excluding those who turned coat (mainly the crow lady) or those who somehow got pardoned, two main villains got a bit of an unfair treatment in my opinion : Zhu Jiu and Sha Ya. 

They both deserved a better - and less bitter-  end.
I don't really see Zhu Jiu walking a different path than the one he chose but Sha Ya should have stayed alive and torment love sick Lin Jing! 💔
She would have gone along with Zhu Hong pretty well (and Chu Shu Zhi as well!) 
Imagine SID office with those 2 ladies teaming up! 

I would like to see that. She was already, somehow, on the SID side against Ye Zun. 

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30 Days of Guardian: Day 14

Day 14: Favorite villain

Do I need to add something else?

We don't see much of Ye Zun for a long time and as a villain, he has some *ahem* issues as well.
Scriptwriters didn't dwell much on his character and I think it's a real pity. The angst potential is big with this character!
We got glimpses of his story but in the end we can't dig deep and all that's left is a veil of insanity that characterized all of his actions.

His powers are also quite interesting to investigate: but I can really do without that Jonah and the Whale reference. >.<

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